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    I know its not been long since my last post but there is another plugin that I am needing.
    I have scoured the plugin lists for this and I can't find it, though I may be looking under the wrong name.
    Anyway, I need a way for players to select a group from permissions bukkit by clicking on a block in game, at which point they may be given a confirmation message in chat stating which group they just selected and have been added to.
    I was thinking that perhaps a person could hook it into worldedit to select the block, that way it won't interfere with using the same block normally.
    I played on a server for a short time and they had this set up for their races somehow, so I know it can be done.

    On a side note, if anyone knows of a plugin that does this already, then please post the link.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you mean they will press a block, as in a solid block? There are signs, buttons and pressure plates that will do this for you if you mean non-solid ones. As @SmallVille1 suggested, CommandSigns is a good option. For buttons and pressure plates, I refer to ButtonPromote.

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    Ok, I've decided on using CommandSigns but I have a queston/problem. I'm trying to make it to where when a player clicks on the block they are added to a group. What command could I use to do this? Does it come pre-packaged into bukkit or commands signs or will I have to hunt down another plugin to add said command? I'm looking around but if someone could speed up my veture I'd appreciate it.

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