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    Captain Seasick

    Yo! I hate wasting time, so... let's get to the juicy part right away.

    #1: Adjustable monster strengths. Pretty much self-explanatory, but just in case it's not obvious enough just yet: basically a plugin that allows the user (or admin, w/e) to adjust the various monsters' stats. Make them slower, faster, stronger, weaker, etc. Tbh, this one should be a freakin' cake-walk to make. Tweak a few in-game values, and make a plugin out of it. Simple!

    #2: Cooking! Something I really don't like about MC, is how your diet consists of 80-90% meat. Whether it's beef, chicken or pork, it's all meat. Bread? Pfawh! Takes too long to grow/produce. Melons? Ineffective, if abundant, crap! And don't even get me started on apples...
    So, anyway, what I'd want for summer-christmas with this plugin, would be something that makes these less-than-useful types of food more useful, by making it possible to, uh... cook more food... with them? I don't know. Basically a plugin that EITHER makes it possible to combine food-stuff to make for more potent food, or maybe just adding new "recipes" for better foods using ingredients such as wheat or the like.


    I realise my descriptions are pretty much equal to poo on your shoe-soles, but if you can see past my horrible, almost criminally poor attempts at explainations/descriptions, these (at the time) two concepts could make for an awesome pair of plugins! Oh, and another thing: I didn't actually check the forums very well for any stuff about either idea, but I DID check. I came up blank. If there actually ARE some kinda plugins that are even remotely like these, do tell me if you know of 'em!

    That's all for now, folks. Peace out!
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    Captain Seasick
    On the cooking plugin, it would be possible to make foods currently available craft-able in different ways, if you want extra items you would have to use the spout plugin! Are you fine with that?
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    Captain Seasick

    Eh... I have no freakin' idea. The way I had it thought out with the cooking-stuff would be, say... combine a chicken, a beef and a porkchop (somehow) to get a sausage (or something) which would probably be a MUCH more effective type of food. Honestly, I can't explain it better than that! It's a damn vague idea.
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    I get that, but using bukkit on its own it is not possible! If you run spout on your server and players use the spoutcraft client then it could be done

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