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    npcs:i know there are some npc pluggins already out there but im thinking one were they make villages and you can trade with them to help them grow and a special currency system just for using with them.
    forests that expand:new trees appear every so often next to an exsitin tree or trees throw saplings out of the top of tree far enough away from it so that it can grow and they auto plant themselves kinda like there seeds that the tree releases
    regening ores:after you mine an ore it turns into cobble after awhile then smoothstone and then the ore but if you mine the cobbleblock or smothstoneblock it doesnt regen
    ill be updating this thread every now and then with more ideas
    i dont know which are possible and which are not
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    If it adds a new block, it's not possible (Not until Spout implements them, at least).

    As for the NPC idea...that's "possible", but not really. It would take a LOT of effort (we're talking 10-15x the amount that went into Heroes) to make it.
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    k thx for letting me know i will update the post
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    I could look into the forest plugin, its not too hard but still has some obstacles. I'll start it tomorrow, because today I need to focus on my studies (and other plugins ;)).
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    thank you and since you quoted me i changed something in the forests part see if that 1 is possible cause thats the one i like most
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    I've thought about the forest idea myself. There's a mod that auto-plants saplings that lie on the ground but I'd like to see the saplings thrown about a bit (as if in the wind). Trees sometimes dropping saplings as "seeds" with a random offset would be very cool :)
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