#953 Memory Leak & Crashes

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Legionarius, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Since updating to CB953 I am unable to keep our server up for more than about 2 hours. The java process is ripping through more memory than I've even allowed it to, given my run-time parameters. It uses all physical memory and bleeds into swap. Then the terminal locks up and the server becomes unresponsive. There are 1-2 other threads about this but no official word to speak of.

    I know there is a bug reported (1041) but someone else chiming in would go a long way in making me feel like I'm not losing my mind...

    So many duplicate threads on this issue that none of them are seeing the light of day :(

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    Yeah, ive lost my server players :( Someone need to fis this....FAST !
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    My server has been rendered unplayable because of this...
    A fix will be highly appreciated.
  4. I've had to download a memory optimizer to flush my memory every half hour. Although it's not as bad now I'm using CB #961.
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    Slamming my head against the wall over this. Can't solve the problem...
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    Well... Guess we will just have to wait for a fix :\
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    Mine seems to be stable with CB 961...
    You oughta try it.
  8. It's more stable yes, but there is still a memory leak in there.
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    there are usaully problems but u can try each CB if u wanted but they are fixing the problem
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    Bump! Someone shed some light on this issue - please.
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    Bump! A solution is needed, many servers suffer from this problem.
  12. Check the dev-bukkit website, the last 5 builds failed.

    This needs to be solved. And soon, otherwise I'm gonna lose players.
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    my server keeps using more mem for me too, exspecially virtual ram... until it crahes
  15. Using that performace tweaker thing and now using CB #974 and still getting high memory usage.
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    does any of u use citizens or mobarena or simplespleef... i remvoed those and the mem leak seems to be gone
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    We don't use any of those 3.
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    Same problem here, in fact I just posted a detailed thread describing my problems with exactly this...
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    it might be one of the plugins, try removing them and putting them back 1 by one
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    Its not the plugins. It was a change that occurred between 1.6 and 1.7. This has already been stated.

    Everyone keeps quoting this. This is common sense $%#^ for anyone who has had a server for longer than a day. My map was not magically corrupted the very second I upgraded to a 1.7 CB build...

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    I am also having this problem, been running fine for months then 1.7 came and i get Read Timed Out,server crash, massive memory leak.
  22. Exactly the same. I haven't added any plugins since 1.4 and all of a sudden I'm getting memory leaks. It's 1.7 not my plugins. And it's still not sorted in #974.
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    Bump, same issue on my server.
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    Bump. This needs to be sorted. I've lost some players because of this. Needs to be sorted soon D:
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    I also have this problem, the java heap space has gone out of bounds and well ending up with a huge server crash!
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    Any news about the fix ?
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    Yeah, same problem hear, I used to have 15+ plugins, never crashed. Upgraded to 1.7 and every 3 hours my server lags, crashes.............nobody plays anymore, they're tired of the server crashing and losing items, etc
  28. I'm upgrading from #974 to #977 now. See if that helps.
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    Does the bukkit crew even know of this issue?

    This error is really frustrating.
  30. From what I can tell. It is getting slightly better each build. 953 for me was not stable at all, 96 was stable but still quite bad, 964 was better but still present, 965 broke maps.....974 was an improvement over 964 and 977 is better still. Only once has MemoryRush had to run in the couple of hours I've had 977 compared to twice an hour on 974.

    So my advice to you is use 977 even though it isn't an official stable release, and make sure you back up often just incase.

    Also just to note I have gone from Java 6 to Java 7 Beta. This might also help.
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