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    Me and my comrades are tossing around the idea and have already started building a mansion with various rooms and "secret" passages. Using self governed rules, the 'judge' chooses 1 murderer out of the group of 'guests'. The murderer gets a diamond sword to hide in his inventory and the guests roam around until time alloted expires or the killer kills everyone. Here are some major points of the plugin I would like to see:

    - Use worldguard to protect the mansion(s) (this should make plugin creation easier)
    - One player can be the host by doing /guest host (possibly add permission support later)
    - Players can join the 'party' with a /guest join command
    - The host can start the game with a time limit in minutes (/guest start 30)
    - The host him/her self can become the killer so they can participate as well

    - Assign levers and buttons to murderer only on the fly (so the murderer can use better passages than the guests to get around, maybe borrow some code from the turnstile plugin)
    - The murderer can kill with 1 hit with a diamond sword
    - Random global announcements about a players location. For instance, every 15 seconds there's a random chance to reveal a player location (or not), murderer or player, then a random chance to select which player on top of that and maybe announce their location by naming regions with worldguard (library, kitchen, etc.)

    Anyone that would like to help us work on this would be greatly appreciated :) I'm sure others would have lots of fun with a plugin like this too!

    Thinking back, this is more like Clue than 7th Guest, but 7th Guest sounds neato-er! :D

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