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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by arnie231, May 3, 2012.

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    Hello Bukkit Community I'm the Owner of DawnOfCivilization and i have a partnership with the 1 of Co-Owners who gave me a Free 100 Slot Dedicated Server, we found out today that he has been given another 64 slot server for Free and we dont really have anything to do with it.

    What we have to offer:
    64 Slot Dedicated Server Box
    Teamspeak 3 10 Slot More if Requested
    Personal Support
    Plugin Development (Donation Required)

    So we are Offering this server to anyone who has a decent Idea for a Server

    If you wish to know more information or you want to discuss your idea you can come onto our Teamspeak 3 Server

    IP: eu1.fragnet.net:10230
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    Hey - I'd be interested in this! :)

    I run a good creative server when I have the chance :)
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    Add my skype - springwired if you have it I'll be out for a bit but I'm interested
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    Do you have Skype or Teamspeak 3 ?
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    I'm codename_B on skype :)
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    Guys this seems too good to be true.:confused:
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    Why ? We simply have a Spare Box that we don't need
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    add me? Warhawk850 on skype! I'd love this:(
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    I added you, I'm the owner of the box by the way just so you don't think I'm so hooligan :0
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    Add me, M.Gerace1

    I truly have the best unique idea out of all, please add me on skype for further detail.
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    lifetime is a pretty long time...
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    I'd be interested, if it's in the US.

    * my spidey-sense says there's a catch though *
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    The 'catch' is what would be my terms, if you have a server I'm interested in we can discuss them.
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    Nathan C

    Why is your text like this?
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    Dunno i fixed it ;)

    We have found someone So this thread will be closed We may have some more server open at a later date

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    276 views, congrats!
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    Sweet, I've always wanted a lifetime server for free. So when I am 90 years old I can still have a server, for free!

    Please note that nothing in this field is lifetime; maybe your dreams.
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    Nathan C

    Oh god, the "LIFETIME" was just added like 5 minutes ago.

    LIFETIME just makes it seem fishier now....
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    As i said before:
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    Our Contract with the Host is As long as they are "Up And Hosting" We can have the boxs

    You sir have failed As i added Lifetime when i created the Thread ;)

    Reported :)

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    Nathan C

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    add me on skype is xjordy97x

    ill tell you my server idea :)
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