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    Hello! I believe this is my first time posting in this forums, so I hope I've got everything right! I'd like to request a plugin, so I have made a request following the suggested format. Please give feedback!

    Plugin category:

    Suggested name: 500

    What I want: You can see more about the 500 game here. What I want is pretty much just a minecraft version of what's described in the link above. There will be one "thrower" and multiple "catchers". The thrower will throw a snowball (or something else) that the catchers have to catch. When the thrower throws the ball, the plugin will randomly say something in chat along the lines of "100 alive" or "200 dead". The points will range from 100 to 500 in 100 increments, and the rest will either say alive or dead. Alive means they have to catch it in the air, dead means they have to pick it up on the ground. Whichever player catches or picks up the ball receives the amount of points listed in the chat. When a player reaches 500 points, they will "win" and switch places with the current catcher, sending the current catcher back with the rest of the players. This game can pretty much go on forever, so there may be a timer (for example, 5 minutes) and whoever can get the most amount of points in that given time will win.

    Some other stuff I'd like to see: Lobby signs / Example: line1: [500] line2: join/leave line3: (name)

    Scoreboard displaying the role of the player and how many points they have

    Prize for whoever wins (item or money)

    Ideas for commands: /500
    /500 create (name)
    /500 delete (name)
    /500 setlobby (name)
    /500 setthrower (name)
    /500 setcatcher (name)
    /500 setpos1 (name)
    /500 setpos2 (name)
    /500 join (name)
    /500 leave (name)

    Ideas for permissions: 500.admin

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is fine. Preferably before the end of August, but if you can't, that's fine.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this gets created :)
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    I don't think that's possible. It might be i'm not exactly sure.
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    @Eos Why wouldn't it be possible?
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    This is totally possible, you just need the skill to do it ;)
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    @Keubix Cool! Are you capable of making something like that?
  6. @Drqgon
    Sounds interesting, I'll give it a try.

    For what version do you want the plugin? I'll be using 1.8 now, just tell me if you need 1.7.
    Another idea, maybe it would be better if the thrower chooses (through a menu) how many points the throw is worth and if it is dead or alive, instead of deciding this random?
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    How are you going to simulate a bouncing ball im very interested in the release of the plugin!
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    @DoppelRR Alright, thanks! My server is currently running spigot 1.8.6, so what you've got is fine. Yes, the menu sounds excellent! Could you add a timer to the menu (if you choose to do this) so that it randomly chooses for them if they don't respond within a certain amount of seconds? Thanks again :)
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    I have absolutely no idea how to do this xD
    Good luck @DoppelRR!
  10. @Ruptur
    I'll release the code on bitbucket as soon as I release the first version. But honestly I do not really have a plan how it is supposed to work but I am sure I'll find a solution.
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    @DoppelRR Thanks so much! I'm not too familiar with bitbucket or where to find the plugin once you release it, so could you post a link when you are finished? Thanks
  12. @Drqgon
    Bitbucket is a sourcecode control system and probably only interesting for other developers, if they want to see how I did this. The plugin will be released on bukkit normally, and I will put a link to it in here.
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    @DoppelRR sweet, thanks again!
  14. @Drqgon
    I got the part with the bouncing ball to work, now I only need to do all the commands and stuff.
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    @DoppelRR nice, man. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  17. @Drqgon
    One more question, as soon as the ball hits the ground, he is dead, but does he become alive again, when he bounces up into the air or not?
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    @DoppelRR excellent question! no, the ball becomes dead as soon as it hits the ground and doesn't become alive again
  19. @Drqgon
    Nice thats easier to program :D
    Another question, do players keep there points when a new round starts, so when e.g. you have 3 players, one is the thrower, his points are 0 of course, the other two players have both 300 points, now when one of them gets 200 points he'll become thrower, but does the other player keep his 300 points?
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    Nice :D I'll be interested to see this minigame. Is 500 fun sport? I have never played it or heard of it.
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    @DoppelRR yes. points only reset when the round ends or when the player becomes the thrower
  22. @SayHi2uTube
    I did not either, but it sounded interesting and I thought I'll do it. :D

    And again a question,: what happens, if the ball should be caught alive but touches the ground before someone catches it?
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    @DoppelRR If it's supposed to be caught alive but it touches the ground before someone catches it, then the ball goes back to the thrower and nobody gets the points.
  24. @Drqgon
    Thrn thats a problem, because I am sure some "funny" throwers will start throwong the ball instantly at the ground every time so tgry stay thrower.
    Do you have any idea how to prevent this?
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    @DoppelRR Excellent observation... Perhaps we could prevent this by kicking the user from the game if they don't seem to throw the ball towards the players within a certain amount of time? Is that possible?
  26. @Drqgon
    I can check if the angle at which they throw is high enough, maybe that's a solution
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    @DoppelRR that sounds pretty good
  28. @Drqgon
    Short update about whats possible yet:
    • You can now create arenas and set their spawn, those are loaded as soon as the server starts.
    • Every player (permissions or something like that are planned) can join those arenas.
    • As soon as there are at least 2 players, one of them becomes the thrower
    • Then there are randomly points determined and if the ball must be alive or dead
    • A thrown snowball will bounce until he is catched by somebody who is not the thrower
    • This player then gets the amount of points
    • If his points afterwards are >= 500 he will become the new thrower
    Still planned:
    • Some parts of disonnecting players etc. still need to be controlled
    • The thrower chooses points and dead/alive
    EDIT: I have uploaded a first version so you can already comment on
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    Can I see the source? I'd really like to see the bouncing feature. :)
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