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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BlueSky_v1, Sep 14, 2014.

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    i cant download bukkit. i click the link to download and it says "
    451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons

    This content is unavailable as the direct result of a DMCA takedown request" plz tell me how to fix this.​
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    You can't fix it, it might not be fixed ever, as bukkit downloads have been taken down by one the old devs from the dev team. you have to find it from google or something...
  3. hobiten
    Dinnerbone is working on the update. 1.8 will be released but the future after that is uncertain.
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    No is is not allowed to as the all the bukkit downloads have been taked down as due to the "Legal Reasons" thing
    he can't not use the code that is in bukkit anymore well he can redo the parts of it or redo bukkit from start.
  5. BlueSky_v1

  6. hobiten
    You do realize that Dinnerbone is a Mojang employee, and Mojang owns Bukkit?
  7. Assist They do not own all of the Bukkit code. You're very behind on the DMCA business.
  8. AdamQpzm
    I know they don't own all Bukkit code, and yes I am behind on the DMCA stuff because I don't care to follow, but that doesn't mean that Bukkit won't be updated. Dinnerbone himself said that he will be personally updating Bukkit to 1.8
  9. Assist Yes, he said that before the DMCA happened. Mojang have made one high controversial statement on the matter since and have yet to show any action from it. It's not an easy thing to fix - I strongly recommend you read up on the basics of what's been happening. Net result is that a Bukkit update is not very likely, certainly not anytime soon.
  10. AdamQpzm
    I've read the basics, and that is exactly why I don't want to read more. Although I then shouldn't be spreading information regarding the DMCA or any of that matter, so I apologize for possibly spreading false information.
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    I know, but they do did not code craftbukkit so they can not use it as the old bukkit team made that.

    It was before the DMCA hit bukkit, he said that he wanna update 1.8 when evil left and said he was going to shut down bukkit thats where dinnerbone said he was going to update it, but then after 2-4 days the DMCA hit so now they cant update it

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  12. hobiten
    Dinnerbone actually started Bukkit, and coded a lot for it. The project is owned by Mojang.
  13. Assist Yes, Dinnerbone was one of the founders. Yes, Mojang owns Bukkit. They don't own all of the code and updating it would require a complete rewrite of at least all of Wolvereness' code, or changing the NMS stuff.
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    Yes!, thats why bukkit will not be updated if they do not rewrite all the code that the DMCA hit on soall Wolverensess code shit but lets see what happends to bukkit dead or not dead..
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    That is only if Wolvereness' legal claim is proven valid. Anyone can make a legal claim in a DMCA notice. If Mojang files a counter-notice, which it can do at any time, Wolvereness has 14 days to file a lawsuit against Mojang. If he doesn't, all the taken down files and repositories will be put back online.

    Since Wolvereness made 63 commits to the net.minecraft.server code he claims is an infringement, he would have to prove in a lawsuit that the code he contributed infringed on the code he contributed.
  16. For the record, it's been 17 days.
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    The 14 days I referred to was *after* a counter-notice is filed, not after the original DMCA notice.
  18. rcade Funny how there hasn't been one, eh?
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    Maybe it means something.

    Or maybe Mojang executives had bigger things to think about this month than Bukkit, like last Monday's $2.5 billion sale to Microsoft.
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    Yeah lets hope that Microsoft puts some devs on bukkit if not then shit :S
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