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    Plugin category: Administrator

    Suggested name: PlayerTrial

    What I want: I am so sick of having players play on my server that complain about issues such as lag, etc, but don't do anything about it such as donating. Hopefully with this plugin, it will allow users 30 days of playing on the server, then autoban them after 30 days, with a message "You need to donate in order to keep playing" I would keep the donations like $5, but it would help out so much. If anyone could make this that would be AWESOME! Thank you so much for reading, and I guarentee there are hundreds of other server owners out there who would love this plugin!

    Ideas for commands: /playertrial view (player) - lets admins see the first log on of the player (needs playertrial.admin permission)

    Ideas for permissions:playertrial.exempt - Player is not timed and wont get banned after 30 days. (This would be for those who had already donated)

    playertrial.admin - Allows users with this perm to use /playertrial view

    playertrial.default - Default permission that gives the user 30 days before ban.

    When I'd like it by: Maybe Sunday, March 2. :)
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    I'm not meaning to be rude, just unrealistic.
    There are lots of servers, and unless you offer features that no one else offers, I doubt players will stick around.

    I guarantee at least over 50% of your servers population are under the age of 18 and therefore cannot donate.
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    :mad: Pay to Play?!? OH HAIL NAW. I mean, really, do you think anyone would pay $5 just to play on a server! Most servers have a VIP status of $5, you might want to do something like that.
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    If i played on your server and that happened i would just turn away, never come back and tell everyone i know to not go in your server :)
    That's just my opinion but seriously i think that wouldn't help you at all, it would make you lose players.
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    NoChanceSD Madc0wz AndyMcB1 I totally understand all of your views, but we have had a few donators, and i dont want a huge server do to possible lagg issues. My only reasoning to it would be if they weren't going to donate, why have them on my server wasting storage. Not that they have to pay multiple times or every month, they would be getting a rank for it too. Thanks, -Jack
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    I have a feeling you only have the server to make money... such a plugin would thurn away 80%+ of your player base, unless your server is EXTREMELY good, offers new features nowhere else found and of superior quality compared to anything else so people would want to "Donate".

    If your server is that good, you wouldnt need this plugin because your server would be huge and you'd have many people "donating" on their own.

    Either way, i kinda want your request to be filled, just so you can see your server die in record time.
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    There is actually quite a potential in this idea. This would be absolutely perfect for a server community. This plugin would offer community owner to make Premium servers - and that would really boost donations. I agree that it is not recommented for a single server, but for at community with multiple servers it would be perfect! I would definerely use this for my community and all of my community-owner friends agree with me :)

    Someone please make this
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    jackjorge if you want to make money, just use adf.ly links everywhere, such as the link to your server's website on server lists.
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    That is so unprofessional it'll drive them away faster than they can ping localhost.
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    AndyMcB1 then why do some of the biggest servers i've been on use that method?
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    All they care about is money and not the users. Trust me, it won't make people want to use the website.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    This is not the place for that discussion
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    Is anyone gonna make this plugin? It should be quite easy, and we are alot who would really apreciate a plugin like this! ;)
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    I just started it. I will be done in a bit.

    Testing now....

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    Why don't you just limit the access to the server instead of banning? Just have it after 30 days do a command from console.
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    Is the plugin done? :)
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    Click to download
    Version 1.0

    • /plt help - view help menu
    • /plt view <player> - view PlayerTrial information about a specific player
    • /plt reload - reload the config/data file
    • playertrial.view - access to /plt view <player>
    • playertrial.reload - access to /plt reload
    • playertrial.bypass - bypass login check for PlayerTrial
    The permission node playertrial.bypass will be needed for any player who you want to bypass the check on login to see if the players trial is expired. If they do not have the permission, they will always be tracked, and eventually not able to enter the server.
    OP will always bypass.

    • Trial_Duration: 31
    Time in days until the trial will expire for a player
    • Kick_Message: '&e@player&f, &cYour &f@trialduration &cdays are up! Visit &fwww.registertous.com &cto enjoy this server!'
    Message the player will get on login when the PlayerTrial has expired.
    (use Player to replace the player name, use @trialduration to display the trial duration,
    use @daysleft to show how many days left the player has, use @ date to display the date the players Trial will expire. supports format codes - &a, &f, &b, etc)

    • Join_Message: '@Player, Your @trialduration days of unregistered play expire in @daysleft days. If you do not register by Date you will no longer be able to join the server!'
    Message any player who is currently in a Trial will see after login
    (use Player to replace the player name, use @trialduration to display the trial duration,
    use @daysleft to show how many days left the player has, use @ date to display the date the players Trial will expire. supports format codes - &a, &f, &b, etc)

    I pretty much have everything you wanted. If you would like anything else added just ask.
    As of right now when a player gets the playertrial.bypass permission, on the next login, it will remove any PlayerTrial data stored for that player and bypass doing anything further until the player loses the permission.
    If you want, I can hook your permissions plugin and you can specify the groups that should be tracked by this plugin so no permission nodes are needed and it will be automatic as any player that logs in and is a part of any of the groups listed in the config, they will always have a timer until the group is changed. I can also have a better info command to know who does not need to be tracked etc.

    Hope this suits what you were looking for! Let me know if you have any problems/suggestions!


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    Lovely :) This is really just perfect! :D Is there any need for updating the plugin? I mean it dosn't involve anything that requires an update like blocks and so. IN theory this would work in most of the future versions right? :)
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    You should not have a problem on future updates, but I will continue to enhance/keep the project updated :)
    Feel free to add me on skype: ec prison
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    yeah lovely :) Could you add something like "server using this" on the plugin page? I would appreciate to go on there with something like "FrossBlock Server Community [Danish]" :D
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    I actually haven't put the plugin on Bukkit dev. Do you think it is a plugin that would be used by more than who requested it in this thread? I will post the plugin there if you guys think I should officially release it.

    I was personally just going to leave it in this thread and let it be.
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    I think it would be a little selfish to hide a so awesome and community-revolutionizing plugin for the public. Even though this plugin is so simple, it opens alot of new ways for server communities to rise the number of donations. It is really ideal for multi-server communities and such ;)
    Also i know quite a few community owners who would really appreciate this! :D
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    Thank you extended_clip for making this!!! And I really appreciate the support from everyone else that like this plugin idea!!! You guys are amazing!

    BTW extended_clip, just thinking of something else to add for it, could it also send a msg to the player everytime they log in saying "You have # days left of your free trial."

    That would be even more awesome!!! Thanks so much! -Jack
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    jackjorge thank you for the wonderfull idea. And thatnks to extended_clip for making this. We might've just boosted the donation rate for community owners around the world!
    I know i sound a little un-realistic but i really see potential in this! :D
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    SnowPatch haha no problem, and hopefully this will help ALL server owners!

    extended_clip Oh not sure if this is possible, but could the plugin read essentials to find the dates of new players that joined before i installed this plugin? Thanks! -Jack

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    I have submitted the plugin to Bukkit dev.

    Here is the link

    Yes I can, but not in the public version. Is that something that is really necessary?

    I don't think it would be fair to kick players right away after installing the plugin as they had no warning.

    @jackjorge I will add your idea for the login announcement.
    I will set it to run a few seconds after the player logs in.

    I have updated the plugin with a new announcement message for players who have an active Trial.
    Version 1.1, Click to download
    I had to add/change the variables for the messages, they are now -
    @player - to replace the player name
    @trialduration - to display the trial duration set in the config
    @daysleft - to show how many days left the player has
    Date - to display the date the players Trial will expire.

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    Could you add "server using this" to the dev page? :)
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    I will when it is live
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    extended_clip oh it wouldnt kick them instantly because the server has only been up for a week. I was only asking because it doesnt even count a timer for players that had already joined. So say someone joined yesterday, it wouldnt register them. Thanks anyways!!! -Jack
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    Yes it will register anyone who joins the server after you have installed the plugin. The Trial expiration date will be generated for the player after they join if they do not have one and do not have the bypass permission. I say give people the week grace period and let the trial expire from the join date after the plugin was initially installed.

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