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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DutchKingdoms, Apr 6, 2014.

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    have 3 bugs I need to fix. I will explain them all if you know how to fix one ore maybe all of them PLEASE post how to fix this. That will help me so much.


    I have around 6 worlds and all the worlds seem to have the same inventory example:
    I got into the creative world I spawn 64 diamonds and use the command /spawn to go to the Lobby I still have the 64 diamonds. And if I go to the Faction part I'll stil have the 64 diamonds.

    There are 2 plugins that aren't working.
    These are:
    They both have the some problem, when I add them to my plugin folder and restart my server there won't be a Votifier/Faction folder and if I make them my self no files will be added (files like config.yml etc)

    I need to disable some plugins in diffrent worlds
    I can use the kitpvp plugin in the Faction world but it should only work in the Kit-PVP world and not in the Faction world.
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    1. multiverse and multiverse inventories

    2. factions requires a second plugin called mcore which does not work on 1.7.5
    2b. votifier needs a vote listener (go read the plugins page again)

    3. perworldplugins
    or perworldpermissions
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