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    Plugin category: Pvp

    Suggested name: 1v1

    I have seen many plugins like this however none really fit to exactly what i want I need a plugin that does for example unranked or ranked random duel with/duel [player] that opens a gui where you can choose between ranked and unranked. It needs and ranked system of some kind. when you win a ranked match you get points and if you win from a person with higher points or rank you get more points than someone who has lower points or rank. It needs an option to do unranked games. I want players to be able to play ranked matches and unranked matches. i want the plugin to teleport the players to a avalibal arena so the dont need to choos one them self.

    Ideas for commands:
    - to duel a player: /duel [player]
    - to leave a match: /leave
    - to create arena: set region of arena and do /create arena
    - set position: /arena spawn1 and /arena spawn2

    Ideas for permissions:

    - /duel [player] permissions: allow.duel.player
    - to leave a match permissions: allow.duel.leave
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    You should also have the perm do create an arena, Idea for that is allow.duel.admin
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    What about the /duel accept/decline commands as well, you haven't included those.
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