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    Plugin category: idk

    Suggested name: hardcore1v1

    What I want: I want a plugin that when you type / 1v1 player name it sends them a 1v1 request they type /accept to accept the request then it will tp them to a arena you set the arena with /arena create when all the arenas are full it puts you in the q to cancel the 1v1 you type /cancel but you can not use that when you are in the arena . When one player dies it gives you 15 seconds to pick up the loot configurable in the config. After the 15 seconds it tps you back to the spot you were before the 1v1.

    Ideas for commands: /1v1 player name (sends a player a 1v1 request) /accept (accepts a players 1v1 request and tps them to an open arena if not then puts them In the q) select a region with world edit and type /arena create to create a arena. /cancel if you are I'm the q it takes you out will not work when in the arena.

    Ideas for permission: 1v1.arena.create

    Thank you in advance this will really help.

    Also if anyone has a plugin that does this please link it thanks.
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    i will try ..
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    I made a VERY similar plugin for my old server a long time ago. If you still need this, private message me. I'll edit it to your needs.
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    May I have another update please thanks.
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    Can I please have this plugin if you still have it?

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