1GB Server With 27 Plugins and 7 Worlds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BryanGamerYT, Jun 3, 2014.


I can make this server?

  1. Yes you can

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  2. No you can't you will be very laggy

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    I want to make a server with 27 plugins

    WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Essentials, PermissionsEx, MultiverseCore, MultiversePortals, SurvivalGames, TheWalls minigame, MobArena, BattleArena, ArenaCTF, ArenaPaintBall, Arena Spleef, BlockHunt, LibsDisguise, ProtocolLib, BarAPI, BowSpleef, EasyPvPKits, Parkour, Plotme, TNTRun, ChestShop, MCJobs and ProtectionStones

    - A world for Survival
    - A world for Plots(Creative)
    - A world for Parkour
    - A world for KitPvP
    - A world for SurvivalGames
    - A world for TheWalls
    - A world for all the Minigames

    I will use too much memory? How many memory will be free?
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    1GB? That's gonna run out real fast, and it will get laggy pretty soon. You must have some kind of ultra processor?

    If you are expecting all 7 worlds to be populated this you will need much more resources than your host is probably able to provide.

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    Even if he had it wouldn't matter as the information has to come from disk instead of memory (Paging ftw), which is limited by the bus-speed and not CPU clock speed ;)
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    I'd say this is stretching the limit way too hard. Even if the rest of your server is kick-ass, 1GB just can't handle all that you plan on having...
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    well, it's possible and it's handling everything, I know you can't believe it, but I've done it and I can prove it.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

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    I'm quite experienced in Minecraft hosting, I have worked and work for a few companies. This Idea I see all to much. The possibility of running a even semi-popular server with Walls, mingames, blah, blah, etc is not possible; the most player slots you should even have on your server shouldn't be any more than 20. Thats what its built to hold. 1gb should host a vanilla or semi-vanilla server with very few plugins. So forget that 1gb and get some more ram. Their are some moderate and cheap hosting companies out their. Compare prices and what you get vs. what you don't. I hope this moderately helps. Have a great one, aackert.
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    My server has 41 plugins and 13 worlds (includes 3 worlds per normal mode world. [Normal, Nether, End]) and idles at about 500MB-1.5GB at any given time.
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    with no one online?
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    Usually. We don't have more than 15 people online at once and we have 4GB a RAM for a good price so I don't try too hard to keep it low. Plus some of the plugins are high-useage plugins like Orebfuscator, Multiverse, etc.
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    That's way to much for 1G
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    Psssh my server runs about 8gb after start up for an hour, then drops down to 1-2gb. I am running 80 plugins. About 90% are custom though. But i have 32 ram. We have avg of 24 people online a day.
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