100% CPU usage FTB Ultimate?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by supernerdyharry, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Server is running forgebukkit
    Okay i have been running a ftb ultimate pack server for the 2 days now and there is 100% CPU usage there is allot of the lag but the lag can stop for a while then start again. There are around 10 people always one the server.

    The server has a 2.9 GHZ cpu with 6 cores
    currently 8GB ram dedicated just to the ftb server.

    Im not sure why it is lagging but when I first made the server mystcraft was enabled I have recently disabled it.
    Another thing I may have spawned in a few of those trees called the tree or time and tree of mining that says it could damage the world use with caution.
    I have also noticed it tends to mainly lag when people are generating new chunks.
    I have around 20 plugins all plugins seem to be working fine.
    Another thing is from the dedicated server I set up multicraft on it to run the server and that says 100% CPU usage most of the time.
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    Go ask them - we don't support mods.
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