1.8 Released Today!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by brenhein, Sep 14, 2011.

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    want 1.9 ...
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    Does the new BUILD #1092 work for 1.8 ?
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    no 1092 = 1.7.3
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    It was released Sept 12.

    So, no.
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    We're 2/3 done (3 stage process!). This part might take a while though. We'll see.
    there latest tweet.
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    can't wait till buckit and splugins are updated :p
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    Still Waiting for Update ! [creeper]
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    Wahoou give us new updates yahho!
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    Thank you !​
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    Take your time, I prefer to wait a little rather than solving memmory leaks and so on... :)
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    You all should shhhhh, before I go bang my head against the wall.
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    Instead of doing that, I am eating popcorn and throwing in a bit of FLAME in each of the new threads about 1.8.

    The resulting combustion is VERY lulz.
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    You are awesome CraftBukkit Team
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    The amount of people who are like "ZOMG ITS 1.8 GIZ BUKIT NAO" makes me laugh.. I know some are older but they do remind me of little children running around :)
    Bukkit will be ready when its ready. Its not like its a payed service where they have to meet a specific deadline...
    Anyway, I'm sure many server admins are going to run a new map (I sure am) so you can get cracking on that with Vanilla anyway. The only plugin I need is something to increase the Stronghold count but that'll be a few days after Bukkit at the least anyway...

    EDIT: Off Topic, but people seem to have post counts in their siggy's recently. Where are you guys getting them? I want one... :(
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    I got a account on bukkit because it is better server but they cant even update it for all us HURRY UP BUKKIT TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yet every time they update it's the same old story over and over again :)
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    I am literarly in a constant laugh reading through all these posts/threads. Gotta love this time of month.
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    ill give it like 24 hours then bukket is ready :D
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    You Mad Brah?
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    They said they are waiting for 1.9 because of all the bugs
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    what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i want a testing one now so i can still run my server
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    even worse news now mate,
    just read his twitter and all attempts he's done so far have failed, saying it could be another 2-3 days before he gets back to the stage he's at now...
    ETA Of Bukkit working: next tuesday.
    however the post does say 'sorry all!' so dont get too mad at him. i can see by your display picture you want to get back to building your incredible server, i would with those skills.
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    I want someone to pay my income tax, but no matter how loud I yell, no one cares.
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    Nathan C

    Come on, release now, I want to get my home hosted server that is run of my mommies laptop up now!
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    be cool nathan go back play dreamcast :p
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    If bukkit do this...i will not wait till 1.9
    it is simple bukkit needs thier community, if they want to lose them they need fast to release also 1.9

    if not then they lose simple user of the community, like me too then.

    I think or i better hope the will do a 1.8 release for all plugin developer, because they need also time to test.

    No need for a recommended build but a tes build asap would be nice.
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    If I want to make a new map and have players start fresh, do I just delete the world folders in the main directory?

    And if I want to wipe players inventories, do I delete the player.dat files?
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    Yes and Yes.
    Player.dat files hold inventory / position / health
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    Why would plugin devs need to test for a build that would never be released?
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