1.8 Released Today!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by brenhein, Sep 14, 2011.

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    1.8 has been officially released! Gogogogo bukkit team! :p
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    I hope, we can use bukkit less than one hour ^^
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    oww <3 im waiting :D !
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    This is not likely.
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    They're still asleep. Well, that's my prediction.
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    People have already reported your game will crash if you shift+left-click an item into the full chest. I tested it myself.
  8. i hope 1.8 bukkit comes out fast and i hope plugins update also fast!
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    Unless the Bukkit API changes, I doubt plugin developers will need to update their plugins.
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    You know it's bound to happen xD.

    With all the new content I'm sure the API will be tweaked.
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    Craftbukkit Bukkit
    We're working on 1.8 now :) We didn't do a release earlier because we were more focused on helping make 1.8 a bug-free :(
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    I think it could be released soon. They already had 1.8 before the pre-version came out.
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    happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
    cant wait for bukkit xD
  14. you guys did awesome and maginificent work! 1.8 pre-release was so full of bugs. Good job every1 who discovered and help Notch find those bugs !
    Now work on the Bukkit and let us know if bukkit plugins must be changed ! :D i dont want vanilla 1.8 :/
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    This is from CraftBukkit's twitter. Semirotta is not working on it atm.
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    even if bukkit gets updated,
    surely then we need to wait for each individual plugin developer to update their plugins?
  17. wait what!? :D
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    Not all plugin developers will need to update their plugins. Perhaps a plugin like LWC uses an event hook that is gone (for whatever reason) in 1.8, but Lockette's dependencies have not changed. In this case, LWC will need an update and Lockette will continue to work.
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    tbh all i need is worldguard, then i can atleast make my server live to the public and not worry about silly griefers.
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    All i n is worldguard,worldedit and bb or such. Some kind of lock system whch LWC provides is also useful
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    Looking forward to seeing all the exciting stuff that 1.8 will unleash from the Bukkit community, especially with active projects like Spout!

    Completely offtopic, I'm loving the Azzanadra display picture there @brenhein haha :D
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    Yep... knew someone here would recognize it
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    supposedly the Bukkit.org team has been working pretty close with Mojang. It's likely that they'll have something out faster then usual...
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    i am looking forward, because we want to go online now...
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    Play vanilla, or 1.7.3
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    One of the bukkit tweets, says they are obscuring the code, and this is part of the reason.

    Forgive me, but is that a requirement to continue with mojang? Is this a result of the pre-release getting outted?

    I've played minecraft with bukkit for a while now, (Long time listener, first time caller) and knew code in MC was obscured, but why in bukkit?

    Be Gentle on the newb.


    I got my answer..
    Craftbukkit Bukkit
    @gjdunga They release their code obfuscated, so we have to work on that. Plus, it changes every single build :)

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    Good bukkit team :p
    Go help those fellows!
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    i agree tbh,
    as Mojang develop the update, they should work with bukkit developers so that when 1.8 s released, bukkit can come out at the same time.
    then it stops all the ' AMG BUKKIT WHY SO SLOW. FIX THE CODE SO WE CAN PLAY' q.q
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    Don Redhorse

    tbh... people should just WAIT...
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    agreed :D
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