1.8 RB progress & Bukkit developer appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SheepWillPrevail, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone. I just want to say I'm very impressed with the speed the developers are working on the next build. They must be going insane hooking into the obfuscated code.

    For those who don't follow @Craftbukkit; follow the progress of the 1.8 compatible CraftBukkit here.

    Many thanks from me and my fellow server users! I really like it you how we all can follow the progress through the link provided! It would be great to have one of those for each major releases.

    Is there a Red Bull & pizza PayPal link somewhere?
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    They are working on a dev version at the moment not an RB. You wont see an RB for quite some time.
  3. My bad. But that's splitting hairs and does not substract from the point I'm trying to make here :)
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    Paypal link is on the main page on the bottom right.
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    With the first 1.8 build, I'll spend 15€ for some Pizza & RedBull. Many thanks guys.
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    Ass kissing won't make it come out any faster.
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    Hooray! Another thread about 1.8 bukkit which has not been released yet!
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    So, were the other craftbukkit releases so eagerly watched and posted about as this one?
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    not quite. This is real fun though =D
  10. Quite simply put; running a server without CraftBukkit nowadays is not feasible :)
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    I'm very impressed at the speed as well :)
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    Helping others on Bukkit during a massive MC update = best time of the year. Better than Xmas.
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    Better tan Xmas?
    Better than a full year with festivals =D
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    Thank you so much!
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    The Bukkit guys are awesomesauce and without them Minecraft would not be the success it is. It is a shame that their labour of love is made harder by obfuscation when it is their labour that directly profits Mojang.

    Good on you guys! I donated 2 months ago and will do again when I get paid tomorrow.
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    bribery might!
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    Matt Gill

    With build 1113 I have a bug where while I'm in creative mode I don't have an endless supply of blocks like I normally do.
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    Obfuscation? I thought Mojang had given you guys access to the source?
  19. (not sure about unobfuscatedsource)
    The source used to distribute CB is obfuscated, therefore it has to be re-integrated each release.

    Also. This was a HUGE release. It may not feel that different from a player perspective, but the addition of a new gamemode is a crazy big change. Please be patient while the team works out the bugs. I know there are thousands of bug reports going in, but please don't pm the Devs or mention them in posts with "Hey @MrBukkitDev I found a Bug!11!" It only slows progress. When they near an RB, a larger test group will be invoked, and if a bug is still in the RB, you can feel free to file it in the Bukkit issue tracker.

    These guys really are dedicated professionals and bugs (like the creative-non-infinite-item one) will defiently be fixed before the RB. :D

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    what does it mean when they say BlockFurnace - deleted and WorldChunkManager - deleted? does that essentially mean furnaces are gone? or is it just outdated and replaced with something else? and i have no idea what WorldChunkManager is?
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    Craftbukkit Bukkit
    The "deleted" means we don't need that class in Craftbukkit anymore, so we don't have to do anything with it anymore
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