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Discussion in 'Resources' started by DarkBladee12, Jun 20, 2013.

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    @RingOfStorms , @DarkBladee12 , I got it to work but it's... strange. My observations:

    The particle shows up with the right color. However, the particle itself only shows maybe 1 out of 4 times. This behavior may give the impression that it's not working.

    Also, only *one* particle shows up in the right color. Not sure how to control the amount (since it has to be set to zero) other than sending a crap ton of packets to get a decent amount to show. This problem is compounded by the fact that the particle shows up only some of the time.
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    Eehm im still a bit confused with how to use BLOCK_CRACK

    Does someone have an example?
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    Read the main post and click on the particle demo link, you can even view it's source. It includes crack particles.
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    Can someone show me how to properly set this up? Its confusing to meh..
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    May i ask for some help with certain particles such as the cloud? how would i get it to not shoot all over the place and to stay in one consistent spot. By the way thanks for the amazing Library :D
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    The CLOUD particle effect will spawn at a specific location if the offsets and the speed value is set to 0 ;)


    1. Make two new classes in your project: ParticleEffect and ReflectionUtils
    2. Head over to the GitHub repo and copy the code of those classes into yours
    3. Fix imports for ReflectionHandler in the ParticleEffect class
    4. You can now access the library with ParticleEffect.NAME.display(args)

    Here's an example:

    Player player = Bukkit.getPlayer("DarkBlade12");
    Location center = player.getLocation();
    // The following code spawns CRIT particles with all offsets set to 1, a speed of 1, an amount of 20 and a visibility range of 32 blocks
    ParticleEffect.CRIT.display(1F, 1F, 1F, 1F, 20, center, 32D); 


    Player player = Bukkit.getPlayer("DarkBlade12");
    Location center = player.getLocation();
    // The following code spawns BLOCK_CRACK particles which look like black wool
    ParticleEffect.BLOCK_CRACK.display(new BlockData(Material.WOOL, (byte) 15), 1F, 1F, 1F, 1F, 30, center, 32);
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    BlockData isn't part of your lib, if you mean ParticleData I am getting a "Cannot instantiate the type ParticleEffect.ParticleData"

    ParticleEffect.BLOCK_CRACK.display(new ParticleData(Material.REDSTONE_BLOCK, 0), 1F, 1F, 1F, 1F, 30, e.getLocation(), 32);
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    You didn't copy the code properly then, since you can clearly see here that BlockData is included!


    Do you have any clue how the color of the NOTE effect is handled? It seems that it's an BGR format instead of a RGB format.
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    But I tried that :( and I did all the importing of your plugin and reflections and it said t find main class so I deleted the plugin.. Should I try it again? Note I'm adding it to my custom plugin for particles but it couldn't load.. Anything I'm doing wrong? Can u show meh how to make a cloud effect with rain? I wanna make that
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    I did see it, and import it which is why I was wondering why it wasn't working. You have to add the brackets for it to work for me.
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    I haven't tried with note effect. I'm out of town for the next couple of days, but once I get back home I can look through the client again and make a list of all of the particle's and any "special" mechanics like direction/colors. I'll report back here later in the week.
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    Thanks, I'll wait with my next version of the library till then in order to provide all features particle effects have to offer. I've also tested all particles if they're directional or not.
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    I've made a post, I hope it makes sense, it is quite dense and i had a bit of trouble making it easy to follow.

    Most of the particles are the same, but I've made a small list of ones I think you'll find interesting!
    • Red Dust
    • Note
    • Splash
    • All of the Spell particles at the end of my post
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    Nice work! :)
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    Thanks a lot for your work, I'm going to update the lib soon! ;)
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    Hey is there a way to check if the particle come in contact while flying through the air?
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    I added methods for colorable particles, removed the zero amount check and added notes for special behavior like the splash effect in the new version. I'm going to add the size feature of the EXPLOSION_LARGE effect, which was mentioned by @Cybermaxke, later!


    Well you could only do that with directional particles since they don't fly into a random direction. For doing that you would've to code a class which calculates the location of the particle every tick and checks if it's hitting a player or a mob.
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    When using this, a player having the effect is the only one able to see it. Other players on the server can't see it.
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    If I want to make a particle display on top of a player, do I make something like this? :

    ParticleEffect.HEART.display(float 0, float 0, float 0, float 2, int 15, Location p.getLocation(), double 15);
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    Are you using the method with the range parameter? Because the others only display the effect for the players in the list/array!


    You need to add like 2.3 to the y-value of the player location to play the effect above the player head.
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    @DarkeBladee12 Amazing library dude!
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    Thank you for making this! It's really cool.
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    @DarkBladee12 Does the 1.8 version work with 1.7-1.8? Say if I login to a server with 1.7 can I see the particle? Same with 1.8.
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    Love that you added the colors and the notes.
    *I think implementing 2 enum's with 3 (Explained in my post) and 1 (Note) ParticleEffect's
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    I don't know whether it is true place to ask but I will ask it anyways because I am literally trying to solve this for 3 days. So sorry for asking it here. My problem : I want to display a particle at the same position. For example, I want to create a fire particle above the player's hand. So when player rotates, particle should rotate with player's hand and keep spawning above the player's hand. I used a method with cos and sins but I have never got to result that I wanted. Do you guys know how to solve this problem? Maybe I should use direction() method? Sorry for my bad English.
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    Hey, I'm sorry but i still haven't found a way to do this. A quite long while ago I asked the exact same question on the forums, but nobody could really help me out :/ Maybe @RingOfStorms can help you out, because he could look for the arm/item render method in the Minecraft code and think of a possible way to calculate the location.
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    Deleted user

    The ENCHANTMENT_TABLE particle isn't displayed on Spigot 1.8-R0.1.
    It was a problem related to my server.
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