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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gameswereus, Sep 7, 2011.

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    I remember seeing that the default height limit was going to stay 128, and that you could use mods to extend it to the 512. But will multi player have a configuration to change it?

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    I'm not sure where you saw a mod that could extend the height limit.
    It isn't just an arbitrary limit put in by Notch, its an integral part of the code and is (according to notch, don't have link to the post) not easily changeable, even by him.
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    I heard he was extending the limit
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    I heard changing the high limit in 1.8 is as simple as changing 1 value :3
  5. It would be a cool feature if notch would make it able to set it per chunk, this would make some high buildings with low resource overhead possible... But I don't really think he will do so... :/
    // EDIT: Or, when the variable where setable per chunk while the game is running it would make plugins possible which change the height limit dynamically when players (with permissions) build over the the default height limit... *dream*
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    A few weeks ago someone linked to a post on the Minecraft forum. Somebody described how he proceeded to raise the height limit and how he tackled problems that arose from several pieces of code where height was always assumed to be 128. The conclusion was yes it is possible, you have to change some code and if you double the height limit you also double the amount of data transmitted to clients because chunks are always transmitted completely.
    There was also a discussion, I don't remember if it was here or on the Minecraft forum, about improving performance by partially transmitting chunks. They'd be sliced vertically into 16x16x16 cubes and clients would only get the parts they can look at, so if you had a closed surface e.g. made of grass you wouldn't get the cubes below the grass, only if you started digging down.
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    That would solve alot of theproblems with Xray exploiters to! =O
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    Totally agree.. I mean... Whats the point of sending blocks back and forth that you dont see anyways. Isnt that like basics of gaming graphics?
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    lol there where mods before 1.8 that made sky 64000 height without lag just nobody knows about it is the problem if notch would have known that it was out there then he would have madfe it an option by creating options
  10. So why do you know about them? Can you show us such a mod?
    So we could choose the height limit by creating the world or with an option in the server.properties file? What have mods to do with this and why do you know how notch would react? What would be wrong with options? That would actually be better then needing mods for it...
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    it was called cuboid or cubic chunks or somting
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    correct, cubic chunks is the plugin that already does the 16x16x16 and insane heights without lag. lesson 1: if notch says its impossible and he cant do it... someone probably already did it :p
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    flying sheep

    notch said that he heared too late about the mod to implement it (fucking shame) and still has one problem: light propagating though unloaded chunks.

    but it would be solveable.

    one question, though: is there a bukkit world height plugin? notch made all world height parameters dependent of a single variable, which can be changed by a mod. i guess implementing a plugin that saves the world height in the world metadata and uses it to set this variable when serving that world to a player would be not too hard…
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    He indeed did do that, but with a small mistake that has large consequences.
    In his version of the code, there indeed is only 1 variable for the height.
    Unfortunately, the way he setup that variable caused the compiler to be 'clever' and just copy that value all over the codebase, rather than referencing the variable.
    This means the version of the code Bukkit works with, still has the height values scattered all over the codebase.

    Finally, from what I've understood, even if that particular variable was setup properly, the client can't deal with a server using a different height value.
    The client simply assumes the server has the same height as coded into the client.

    if it seems easy, it probably isn't :)
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    flying sheep

    lol, so the java compiler inlines static finals, or what?

    but i just learned that there is a mod which makes map height a per-world setting. unfortunately, it’s not open source and has no up-to-date server.

    isn’t it possible to let the server send this information to the client before it gets world data?

    that being said, cubic chunks are the far better approach…
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    Many things are possible, but not without modifying the client.
    You can change the way how data is sent, but it's no use if the client doesn't understand what it's receiving.
    Bukkit only supports features that work with a vanilla client.
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