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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by agafaba, Sep 14, 2011.

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    xAuth needed ? Since Bukkit laggs as hell by me
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    Forget 1.8... 1.9 time bitches!
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    I dont consider that a cracked server, although I can see how the connection is made.
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    That's what they mean.
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    Oh I know thats what the person asking for help means, I just think its funny that they think its a cracked server, or for that matter that having online=false would cause more issues.
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    yes but you still have to have an account to download it, last i knew anyway.
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    Cmon i have friends playing with cracked accounts. I know you should buy it i have it but i want to try to be the only bukkit server cracked server 24/7. Maybe even a legit server when my friends get the full

    Well dont need your guys help i fixed it. If any of you needing to fix that just update your plugins i updated traincarts, myhome, and essentials. i think it was essentials messing the thing up. Thanks tho :D

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    anyone know if their permissions nodes in permissions.yml in the root directory are working? I can't seem to get mine to work.
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    Easy chest bug fix:
    In WE select cuboid containing chests
    /move 1
    /profit [​IMG]
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    1188: the wooden doors bug still exists.​

    Nobody except ops can't place wooden door. The door seems to be on place, but a second late just dissapear. Well, actually it just reappear at inventory.​
    any suggestions, how to avoid/fix that?​
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    I am running a modified version of 1145 that had xp orbs removed to fix the lag issue. Does the RB address this issue well enough that I should upgrade or are there still lag spikes when players die?
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    Does anyone else notice that as of build #1188 Food no longer has a buffer zone, meaning that right after you eat your food level starts going down rather then having a period of time where your food level does not drop.
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    i also have this problem. doesn't seem to always happen though.. on my live server it is constant but while i test it on my test server i host on my pc it doesn't do it .. even with all the plugins from our live server.
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    I have a problem with RB (1185) that animals don't spawn that much anymore. They are as rare as endermans.

    I only have these plugins:
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    I'm currently having a problem where the server starts without any error and never shows an error. But when a player joins the world is completely black, and only after a few minutes does content appear on the screen, but the client completely freezes ( I haven't been able to get it to unfreeze ). But if we create a new survival map it works perfectly fine ( ours is creative )

    Does anybody know what could be causing this?

    Windows7 Home Premium x64 SP1
    Craftbukkit build 1190
    Java 1.7.0

    Were not running any plugins, nothing.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I should have clarified. Many people using MyMCAdmin have it forced on them by their hosting and do not have access to these files, or the ability to change them. FTP for me is no problem. I just do not have actual FTP access to MyMCAdmin files or folders.
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    Hello wanted to ask if there was any fices for redstone not responding, buttons, preasurepads, redstone torches, reapeters, etc do not change states. They will be either stuck on or off until the serve is reloaded/restart then it will happen in about another few minutes.
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