1.7.3 plugins - anyone have them?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ImJay, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I'm looking for some 1.7.3 Beta plugins.
    Mainly Xauth/authme
    and LagMeter

    This is a request for anyone that has/know where I can get them.
    ~ Jay
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    Someone must have these, or know where I can get them.
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    Considering we are only at 1.4.7, I think you are better off looking for a time machine.
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    Just saying, you could probably goto the project pages on dev.bukkit.org, click files and download one of the early versions.
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    So you are looking for plugins from Beta?
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    Erm, Herobrine has builds for CB1337 and CB1060. I can't think of any plugins have builds earlier then that besides major ones like Essentials.
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    Clearly you weren't around during beta.
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    For bukkit, no. But I probably should have read the opening sentence better since I did not see Beta -_-
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    I have looked through the bukkit dev pages, but most plugins before 1.1 were on the forums, so no luck there (for plugins I need anyway).
    Does somebody have some ideas as to where I can acquire these?
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    I don't know about XAuth/AuthMe, but I am the developer of LagMeter, and can provide you with a build for 1.7.3 (CB1060).

    The only thing is that automatic commands aren't backwards-compatible this far, unfortunately. So, you can't use the low tps/mem notifications' auto-command feature from my latest versions, but the notifications will still show if you so configure them.

    Configuration should work. It's the same as my latest version of LagMeter, so go look at the configuration page if you need it.

    Here's the download.

    If any issues arise with it, let me know via PM.
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    Considering you failed to read his post correctly, i think you need a time machine back to 3rd grade to learn manners.
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    Lol I thought this request was posted by ImDeJay :p
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    im not crazy man lol
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    Thank you very, very much. I'll give it a try soon and hopefully won't run across any problems.
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    1.7.3? Isn't that back when hMod used to be around? Or whatever its called.
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    hMod was more of a 1.4/1.5 thing

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