1.5 map renderer?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Shining_KoW210, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Is there an updated plugin that will allow me to render my server's 1.5 map?
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    Can you explain in more depth what you mean?
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    I mean, I'm looking for an updated plugin that will generate the map.
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    Shining_KoW210 Isn't dynmap updated? did you tried to start the server with dynmap ?
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    You are not understanding me. I already have dynmap. I'm looking for a plugin that will generate all the chunks in the world within a 5000x5000 map.
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    WorldBorder will let you set a border (circular or square)

    Then you simply type /wb fill 20 20 (and after /wb fill confirm)
    It will generate all the chunks within the border you selected.
    Note: Personal experience shows me that a render of more than 1500x1500 can take several hours.
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    I had no idea WorldBorder could do that. I've been using it since before 1.0....

    While it's rendering, will players be able to still play? Or would it be too laggy and they would get kicked?

    Wait, WorldBorder or WorldGuard?
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    WorldBorder. It depends on your RAM/CPU (the 20 20 are params as to how fast it does it, setting those numbers lower create less lag but take longer, etc).
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    Okay, does it work with 1.5? I've been reading some of the comments on it and some say it works fine.
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