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  1. New Plugin. Post In Comments.

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  2. Areas Of Changed Blocks (ie an 5x5 area of changed blocks)

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    • adfly links are unacceptable
    Have you ever wanted to change a mountain to just one certain block but your server was never to powerful to handle plugins like World Edit? Well Now's Your Chance!

    In BlockChanger you can just use /blockchanger <block id> (It also Supports metta data so you can chose which wool you want.
    and all you have to do is left-click the ground and then it will change whatever block you hit into the block you chose.

    I will be adding permissions later on.

    Also if you want to buy me a doughnut, click:
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    Codex Arcanum

    No offense meant, but this since about 30% of plugin tutorials guide you through the process of creating this exact plugin, and since you have no other plugins to your name, this seems like it may be a direct copy off of one of the aforementioned tutorials.
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    No its not i didn't even know there were official ones I looked at a video on how to make the client send packets to the server and vice versa i already know how i can link my single player mod if you want. But I only looked on how to send packets and that's it.
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    Just no no this is from youtube
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    I know right, from one of the how to make plugins tutorials
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    Hey its still a good plugin..

    Whoops its gone.

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