[1.3.1] Broken plugins SPREADSHEET

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Peva, Aug 4, 2012.

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    I've added a bunch of plugins.
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    This was a brilliant idea just watching people fill in data is cool :D

    Sadly i think some one may greif it... It pays to check the topics for your self guys.
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    Google docs saves itself often and we can roll it back if someone griefs it.

    So far its looking really good!
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    Yea iv added a few mainly the odd one's I use that others may not but if it helps even one person its worth it.

    Fe - economy is really new only 2 builds released but it works really well I'm finding it an epic replacement for iconomy. If any others are looking for a replacement I recommend it fully. its not cluttered or hard to confider either.

    HyperConomy has a file you can add to items.yml to add the new items to the shop.
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    I'm actually surprised at the amount of plugins that are fully working. It just sucks that the few that are broken are very crucial for a lot of servers (Towny, Heros, Dynmap)
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    heh I'm lucky I dont depend on any of that :D

    Cause I run light on plugins iv been there and done most of that tho been running my server in one form or another since alpha. Not regretting it at all.
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    a lot of the plugins listed as working now have authornag exceptions.

    and commandhelper 3.3.0 is definately not working.
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    I dont see how Dynmap can be crucial for a server...
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    True. I guess I meant that a lot of servers use it and would rather not go without Dynmap. But Heroes and Towny are crucial :)
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    I use Dynmap, but can easy go without it for a few days. Plugins I cant run without are:

    WorldGuard (WorldEdit), Logblock, Essentials, WorldBorder and MultiVerse.

    Rest of the plugins are just "extra's/features" and the server can run without them for a few days: lameter, chestshop, traincarts, dynmap, etc.
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    which dev build of CB are you testing against?
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    I have been testing against the latest dev builds.
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    You should track the CB build and the plugin version in the "Broken/Working" Column. Hard to know what build you've tested against, and what plugin version is tested.

    Latest changes all the time. Track the build number.
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    Thank you very much for this spread sheet.
    Makes my life easier and i am sure a lot of other peoples.
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    Someone added in a column for the build number :)
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    and someone Griefed it...
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    Yea i'm going to lock it down for a minute. If you want to edit the spreadsheet, PM me or leave your email here and I'll add you to the editors list.
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    I recommend you make a new one which only a few people edit.
    It seems the little kiddies are trying to make something of their new found freedom now school is over for the summer. Thus they have resorted to ruining other peoples efforts in a poor and meaningless attempt for themselves to feel clever, smart or powerful.

    To those who feel the need to ruin the spreadsheet.
    Get a life. If not then go away, the forums can and will survive and cope much better without people like you being around to ruin something which was made for the assistance and help of others. If you are looking for something productive to do, then may i recommend you help your poor mummies in cleaning the house or something because what you are doing now is nothing more what i would expect of an 12 year old (sorry for insulting 12 year olds).
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    I did this earlier, read my last reply :)

    If anyone wants to edit it they just email me and I add them.

    [email protected]
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    Peva Herochat, and Heroes are both working fine, and you have Vault 1.12 listed.. which is a 6 month old version.... seems like you don't really keep up on some versions.
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    essentials build for 1.3.1 is 2.9.3, NOT 2.9.2

    also: "Some bugs, such as /ess reload causing config wipe"
    was NEVER reported on the issue tracker.
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    add me to editor, ill add plugin states which im using

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