1.20.4 server error failed to get Minecraft server from Bukkit.getServer()

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PiscesGamer97, Jan 31, 2024.

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    I'll come right out with it. I put up this private server so a friend and I could play on it. Idk anything about coding or where to even begin to look although I might have a clue where to begin which could be in a config file somewhere.

    Anyway, all I did was slap a few plugins in like Esssentials, LuckPerms, Minepacks, playit.gg for a more secure IP and Vault to help out LuckPerms.

    This is a full on Bukkit server. I know a few years back a friend said it wouldn't be fully supported but it's all I know and whether Spigot and Paper are probably similar, again Bukkit is all I know. The Essentials plugin is also a few years out of date but any other one didn't look quite right when I loaded into the server.

    So if there's anyway someone can help this noob coder out, I'd appreciate it. Screenshots and latest log is provided.

    1.20.4 server error.png 1.20.4 server folder.png 1.20.4 server plugins folder.png

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @PiscesGamer97 Minepacks or Playit
    And plugin development is for development, moved to Bukkit help
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    My bad, will do.

    Edit: So I moved the playit plugin out first and it stopped the error. Unless someone here has experience with playit and this error, thread is still opened, other than that, this is solved. TY admin.
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    same error for me. the playit plugin is not working properly, anyone know how to fix this?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Well, plugin hasn't been updated for 1.20, so that is probably the issue.
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