1.2.2 Build, no monsters?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Aria, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I just updated my server, and after playing for awhile I notice there were no monsters. Does anyone else have this problem? Solutions?
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    Same problem here.
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    Oh... well, I'm waiting for plugins to get updated. Knowing this... this is NOT good.
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    Same here. Not sure what the heck is going on.
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    It's an early dev build what do you expect? There will always be stuff like this that they have to fix.

    And I really hope you're not running dev builds on an active server...
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    Thank you for pointing out the obvious SkyJohn, you were very helpful. I know that this is a dev build, and I'm testing it out. My question was if others were experiencing this problem as well. This is how dev builds get developed, by finding out common issues and troubleshooting as a community.

    Also, yes I am running this on an active server, of several friends, who wanted to test it. It's a private server, and there is nothing wrong with group testing dev build.

    To the other responses, thank you, good to know others are having the same problem!
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    I had the same problem on my server too.
    Also had problem where hunger bar would go from full to empty with no inbetween.

    However, after updating to build #2010 I did see a Zombie siege but no other mobs.

    Kind of hypocritical of you to say since you have an active server doing just that. Or was that your intent?

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    There's a difference between those with knowledge running a dev build and those who see "OMG MINECRAFT 1.2 SHINY" and then "OMG BUKKIT Y U NO SPAWN MOBS"
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    Same problem,, Permissions is also not workig..0,0''
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    well i'm using one of the later artifacts but not #2010, i have no hostile mobs, but the hunger bar is ok.

    i figure the lack of mobs is to do with the new AI system. it might take a while to fix.

    patience :)
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    Well, thank goodness I'm not the only one! :D

    I thought a plugin was messing up. Guess not.

    Does anyone have the problem where the Nether was regenerated? I'm running my old world. The world is fine but the nether seems to be completely new... I can't find any of my old portals or structures anywhere.

    Hunger bar was recently fixed. Get the latest dev build.
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    Like codename_B said their is a big difference between having a test server and not reading change logs or dev threads and just dumping it on my server then moaning that stuff doesn't work, which is what the first few posters in this thread were doing.
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    This is why I hate forums. Forget I mentioned the bug at all. The devs obviously don't need any help finding them.
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    With all due respect, what people expect is to share server problems without intentional callous remarks. Aloofness will get you nowhere on an internet forum, It doesn't make you look smart, or witty. It simply makes you look like an ass. -----All of that aside, I have the same problem as well. I'm sure the Devs will correct it soon.
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    Latest build looks like it corrects some mob spawns...
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    You guys are noobs lol, If you go in your Server Properties 1.2.2 or 1.2.3 sets it to Gamemode 1 AKA Peaceful so there isnt any Mobs, Just set it to Gamemode 2 and Mobs will spawn.
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    Gamemode decides if it's survival or creative
    difficulty decides if there should be mobs or not.

    1 is not peaceful, 0 is

    Until CB #2014 there was a bug where monsters didn't spawn.
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    You're not getting what I mean, I mean that Gamemode - Difficulty.
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    I'm using CB# 2014 and the new Ocelot "cat" Does not spawn at all in any jungle biomes.

    Thank's bukkit and cant wait for RB :)
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    Thanks all for the responses, and to the morons still whining about people talking about glitches, get out of the Help forum. You really don't belong here if your only goal is to look like a smart ass and not helpfully contribute. We are all well aware this is a dev build and that we should expect bugs. The point of this discussion is to compare what bugs we are experiencing.
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    Well, using bukkit 2032 and yes there are "some" monsters spawning but not many at all, even more so in caves, it's kinda sad really its making it quite easy to acquire items lol but it's not that important.

    Anyone else still having this issue? or is it only me and my server? :D

    Just checking around apparently this bug was supposed to be sorted in build 2014? will google some more.
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