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    I would really love for someone with time and looking to make a nice plugin create this.
    Below is what it should have. Feel free to add or remove anything. If you make this plugin I will review it on my website for youtube and I will also use it on my server.
    /stats username - displays how many people he/she has kills, how many times he/she has died
    You earn exp for killing users, (maybe make it where you earn a littl more exp when you kill someone with a higher rank.
    When you earn some much exp you lvl up
    Use levels or ranks whichever can be made simpely
    ---LVL Ideas
    If you make it to use levels maybe this (Example) - Level 1, Level 2, So on and so forth
    ---Rank Ideas
    If you make it to use Ranks maybe this (Example) - Knight, Warrior, so on and so forth, use whatever rank titles you want.
    -------If you want to do this
    If you want to take it a step further you can add abilities of your choice, i just want a simple leveling or rank system to show who is more superior, etc. Thanks for whomever does this.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Fairly certain theres plenty of RPG MMO plugins like this. Have you looked at mcmmo, supernatural players, or skillz?
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    There are no plugins like this, there are some simular but non that are simple and (ONLY) record pvp actions, like how i stated above.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I'm pretty sure skillz can be customised, though you could adjust your request to be a custom skills configuration...
    Edit: Sorry, the plugin I was thinking of was Heroes, not skills

    Anyway, I think it'd be better to ask someone to create a custom Heroes setup for you rather than create a new plugin just to have the features you want..I mean, you can disable the rest right?
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    I do not want skills or anything simular i have seen everyone of those plugins, heros, mcmmo, skillz, pvprankingsystem, etc, I would like a developer to see this thread and make this one. If they do complete it I would be willing to donate to them. Enough said, please do not reply here anymore suggesting simular plugins to heros, or mcmmo. I know your only trying to be helpfull and im not trying to be rude, im just trying to be specific.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol, alright alright sorry, see what a developer says, if they say it's going to be efficient to make a new plugin, please tag me in a post after their's, I'd like to know.
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    You basically described Heroes...
    It's a Completely customizable PvP ranks Plugin;
    You can completely customize each hero path/ class
    (exp/leveling, skills, bonuses, and much more).
    Players can just use their built-in stats to check their amount of kills.

    I highly doubt you actually looked into heroes because it's almost exactly what you described.
    How is what you described different from heroes?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    He doesn't want skills, though, he probably wants passive ones. He just doesn't know it (or that you can disable skills). xD
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    I have looked at heroes but never used it, I just read the whole page, i just really wanted a simple plugin, with a simple config, but i could just look at the heros config and see into it more. I will come back if I don't like what I see.
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    @SilentFly ... I'd be willing to make this. This is not too difficult at all.
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    I am currently working on this. At the moment, it is a simple score board plugin that records players PvP kills, what weapon they commonly use and who their nemesis (most killed by) is. It also features a top 10 killers which can be broadcasted in a time frame. I will consider including ranks, however I think that exceeds the scope of the plugin as there are many other plugins that do this.

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