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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, May 11, 2015.

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    Basically, as the title states, I need a plugin that does that; but there's a kick.

    ./spawn can be used as much as you want, but can only be SUCCESSFULLY used once every 24 hours. By successful I mean once they actually teleport to the area, this means if I type /spawn, and walk around, or get hit by a mob / player, the teleportation is canceled.

    Cooldown: 24 hours
    /spawn teleport delay: 10 seconds
    (Cooldown): &cYou are still on /spawn cooldown
    - New Line: &cTry again in 11 hours, 4 minutes and 54 seconds.

    /spawn: &cYou can only be teleported to spawn once every 24 hours.
    New Line: &cConfirm: &aYES &cor &4NO

    (Clicking yes, activates the command, clicking no tells you "&cSpawn teleportation canceled.")
    "Yes" message: "&7Teleporting you in 10 seconds. Don't move or take damage."

    Features you could add, but don't have to.
    1. Configuration (For all the messages)
    2. A cooldown permission to have different cooldowns.
    Example: spawn.rank.<name>
    - VIP:40h
    - MVP:35h
    - PRO:6h

    Permissions: spawn.rank.<name>
    Commands: /spawn
    Needed: ASAP :)
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    Doesnt essentials support something like this? could be wrong but thought i seen some sort of timer in there.
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    @Scorpionvssub It does not. I'm not even looking for a cooldown plugin as this aspect would completely tear that apart.
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    Anyone up for the job? This'd mean quite a lot to me.
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    Yes they do, they have a teleport cooldown.
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