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  1. Minecraftnewbie
    Feb 26, 2013
  2. i4evercode
    For one I recommend using PermissionsEx instead of bPermissions. If you don't care or whatever the case may be then here are the nodes, and yes they are called permission nodes. Also these are all essentials commands except for the op command which is default with bukkit permissions.
    Feb 26, 2013
  3. i4evercode
    - essentials.seen
    - essentials.seen.banreason
    - essentials.seen.extra
    - essentials.gamemode
    - essentials.gamemode.others
    - bukkit.command.op.give
    - bukkit.command.op.take
    - essentials.kill
    - essentials.kill.force
    - essentials.killall
    - essentials.spawnmob
    - essentials.spawnmob.*
    Feb 26, 2013
  4. Minecraftnewbie
    Oh thank you so much! this was very helpful, although if you don't mind me asking, why do prefer PermissionsEX over bPermissions????
    Feb 27, 2013
  5. i4evercode
    There really is not a reason lol. That is just what I use. I have never used bPermissions before. Glad to help :)
    Feb 27, 2013