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    Hello, so I guess I'm supposed to be telling you a lil bit about myself. So erm yea....
    Well, my real name is Leon Holt my pseudonym is Viscous or ViscousSummer88 or something else short for that. I live in the UK and pretty much have done for all of my life.
    It's probably obvious to tell already that I'm a furry, my fursona being a White & Red Husky. If you're a furry then awesome sauce you should really contact me sometime, if you not a furry then you should do the same anyways and if you hate furries for some reason or another then I'm glad you have sometime to chase in your small meaningless life. I was introduced to a fandom by a good friend of mine, joining the fandom with actually no idea what so ever and now he even says I'm more of a furry than himself, so yea..... heehee. If your unsure what a furry is then well erm, there is no one clear way for even furries to agree on what exactly a furry can be defined as, but to explain simply a furry is someone who likes in one way or another anthropomorphism, if you don't know what that is... well erm go look it up.
    I'm really interested in many and most things that involve IT, not so much of a hard observation. I own a few servers myself, web servers, game servers etc, etc. I have taken many courses in IT and I'm happy to say passed them all to a very high grade. I familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP along with a great passion for website and graphic design, not that I'm that awesome with it. I also run my own Minecraft Server which has been online for over 1year now with great uptime.
    I'm a really friendly guy all-round really although when it comes to real-life situations I'm incredibly shy, maybe I can overcome that, maybe I cant. I love to meet and get to know new people, drop me a call, e-mail, IM or what ever and then erm, yea we can get to know each other better.


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