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What don't you people get. I don't answer emails/pm's/profile posts asking for help. Use the forums/tickets like everyone else. Feb 6, 2012

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Sep 12, 2014
    1. Krisztián
      Excuse Me,
      I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm a server admin (I own the server machine), and I was having some
      problems with Permissions. Every time someone places a block or destroys one, I get an error that the server couldn't communicate the action to Permissions. This is causing many of my plugins to not work, since I heavily rely on Permissions to set up, well, permissions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    2. CMCPLstone
      Just so you know:
      A lot of us are getting a "null" error when loading up the server. Can you take a look at Page 87/88 of your Permissions topic, please? Thanks.
    3. PyroProgramer
      *poke* I want to make a standalone utility that will manage the Permissions File with a db to keep track of the plugins (possibly asking the devs to add a hook to give the permission list with what it does to help). you had said you dont like other plugins mucking about with the files of others so I wanted to see if you would have a problem with me creating such a think first ^^
    4. jdmd0
      Im having trouble with your permissions in general.
      i have somewhat of a clue what im doing while making groups, but i still have alought of questions.
    5. christopher_2007
      hi TheYeti, we all are waiting for the new permissions ;) We hope, it will come soon :D
    6. 4Soldier93
      How does Multiworld work??

      I created a new world with"EpicGates v0.3".

      Primary World: Test
      Second World: TESTL

      i have copy the "Test.yml" file in the directory "Plugins/Permissions" and renamed it to "TESTL.yml".
      Then i changed the settings in the "TESTL"-File.

      But when I switch the world from primary to my second world, i have the same permissions :/

      What is my mistake?
      1. 4Soldier93
        BTW: I switch the worlds with the Plugin "EpicGates v0.3" ("/world visit TESTL")
        Mar 13, 2011
      2. mansl
        EpicGates isnt the best for "world- jumping", try some other plugin, EpicGates is best for just gates.
        Apr 20, 2011
    7. Grantman
      still doesnt work :/ and i tried naming it config.yml , Surface.yml and Hell.yml (surface and hell are the map names) it just says i dont have the rights ):
      1. Grantman
        i think i put the wrong thing in tho :L can you put it on my page or something?
        Mar 8, 2011
    8. Grantman
      hey (: i'm wanting to try the multiverse plugin and to do so i need your plugin "premissions". What i am wondering is either what should be in the config or where can i get one? please get back to me soon :D
      1. TheYeti
        Rigby has the permissions nodes in his OP for MultiVerse
        Mar 8, 2011
    9. Eric1212
      Hi, i want to make your attention to Permissions v2.5.2 (Phoenix), a plugin you are indeed, it's seen that for most peoples, it's dont work, an investigation on that would be great, thanks :)
      1. TheYeti
        Yea, if you could attempt to make sense that would be spectacular. Otherwise the most I can say is this. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
        Mar 6, 2011
    10. TheYeti
      Working on my term paper for Sociology this weekend. Probably not going to be readily available much the next two days.
    11. 189111195
      Dear yeti,
      I have a problem
      With permissions.
      As you can see
      My ING is only nummbers.
      And permissions dossent get that.
      Now i cant play on any server in the comunetie that im in :[
      Pl0z help this minecraft adic =[
    12. TheYeti
      Blah, finals this week. Then I need to do some work on iChat & General. Then after that some concept work on Permissions.
    13. tension69
      Great job reviving Permissions fella. Keep it up and I'll bake you a cake...
    14. jeddeliso
      hey, i need help pls. did what i can, but permissions still wouldn't give me permissions to use essential nodes! D:
    15. Tim/Hoopi2
      Thanks SO much for updating permissions, bukkit would be Nowhere without it...
    16. PandaK551
      You are amazing thank you alot for updating Permissions
    17. DThielke
      Hey I never got a chance to say it, but thanks a bunch for the generous donation to HeroChat!
      1. TheYeti
        It's no problem. My server uses your plugin, and it saves me a ton of time that I would have had to spend writing my own to do basically excactly what yours does. Thanks for making the plugin and releasing it.
        Feb 25, 2011
    18. TheYeti
      So, ummmm, yea, wait.......what? Nooooooooooo.
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