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May 23, 2017
    1. chasechocolate
      Congrats on 2k posts :)
    2. maxben34
      Great PortalStick Plugin!! I added this to my server. The plugin was so well made that I had to create an portal map using this plugin. It is called P0rtalStick. Feel free to play it and even use as an example of this plugin.
      Heres the link:

    3. smok3n
      Please update Monster hunt, I'm just learning now how to code java, does the plugin need a whole rewrite or just updating the class files for 1.2.5

      thanks smok3n
    4. Lilerem94
      i have a question!! how is it possible to place portals on every kind of block?
    5. GeordieBritz
      Hi, Me and my friend are doing a mod spotlight on your portal mod and would like it if you could put it on your Forum, If You like we could send you our youtube channel, thanks :)
    6. zanderishier
      matejdro can jou please help me with installing jail2.1 i doesnt work
    7. Sulphur
      Hi, I have an idea for the portalstick plugin. If you made the Portals like this: , you would have a lot more space to build a testcenter. It would be more practical! Thanks.
    8. homero
      hello, you can send me the link of all previous versions of portalstick
      The 2.3.5 did not work ...
      send it to my hotmail: [email protected]
    9. Valtn55
      hi i have a problem: i created a jail succesfully, but when i try to create cells, it tells me that there is no jail with that name.
    10. skan92
      Hello, could you give PortalStick plug-in version of the server 1000
    11. zzlidee
      there is no download-link at the jail plugin :-(
    12. xShiFTyy
      i have an issue look in your github issue thing and i dont no how to add the fixed issues to my jail yml i dont have permissions installed will this make a difference?
    13. xX_Lirianer_Xx
      Hi i got an idea for the Jail Plugin, it would be great to be able to attach two signs to the cells so in that way you can put one sign inside the cell so the prisioner can see it and another in another place, like outside the cell or somewhere else.

      PS: Here is a translation to Spanish
      1. matejdro
        Sep 10, 2011
      2. xShiFTyy
        omg sick idea! if he can put that in i would have like a jail board of the people who are jailed so they can be put to shame!!!
        Sep 11, 2011
      3. xX_Lirianer_Xx
        Thought about that while writing :D
        Sep 12, 2011
    14. xB3Nx98
      Dude Your JAil Plugin Is Fricken Amazing, I Love It, Except For The Guards, I Want it So My Players Can Escape If They Really Think about it, So i set that up, and jailed someone , and straight away as they was in the cell, they were attacked by the guards, inside there cell, not good, mmm got afix?
      1. xShiFTyy
        you can turn guards off
        Sep 11, 2011
    15. DeathByTheFoot
      When will you update the jail plugin?
      1. matejdro
        why do you need update?
        Jul 27, 2011
      2. xShiFTyy
        he means when 1.8 comes out i think
        Sep 11, 2011
    16. kheatsopon
      Hai Glad You Are Online Am Confuze About Your Plugin Because It Won't Work Right : Champy pls call back or add skype = kheatsopon
      Hamachi - champyMC3 pass; 123
    17. Forge_User_59713519
      i not found the commands list for jail v1.2.2

      menoother about 4 hours ago: Destroyed Commands (markdown) [c92f089]
    18. austin_98
      Forget the first thing i said. Build 935 I mean. When i try to create a jail /jailcreate jail it says an internal error occurred when trying to perform this action. Any ideas?
      1. matejdro
    19. Giuseppe
      hello, I would like to translate your jail plugin to german, would you integrate it if I did this?
      1. matejdro
        Everything is in the config file, so you can simply release new config.
        Jun 24, 2011
    20. jamescosten
    21. MonsieurApple
      Please check your inbox...
    22. jamescosten
      Hey mate u asked me to review monsterhunt, however i can figure out how to do the Sqlite etc. it works in game but i want to see users info and level. also if i need to config it do i use the global.txt. Im using a mac Btw
      1. matejdro
        Sorry, i don't understand your question. You want to access SQL database? You can freely use global.txt if you don't plan to have different configuration for each world.
        Jun 1, 2011
      2. jamescosten
        i want to see people's levels etc. Also if i want to restart my level to 0 how woud i do it?
        Jun 1, 2011
      3. matejdro
        Um, there are no levels. Only high scores are saved in DB.
        Jun 2, 2011
    23. chickenmove
      hey with your multiverse plugin
      i installed it and permissions to but when i try a command ingame he writes Permissions is not Enabled, or hasnĀ“t benn found. what do i wrong ?? what can i do ??
    24. theslowbros
      is monsterhunt gonna be updated?
    25. abesg12
      Could you please help me i cant get any of your pluggins to work and i really want the portal one to work. BTW i run mac if that matters
    26. Alec Davidson
      Alec Davidson
      I don't why, but it won't work for me or my friends. I have the permissions set and I put the plugin in the right folder. nothing happens when I type /portal or the alternatives and the server doesn't say it's activated. I don't know what to do. Please help.
    27. PedroN041
      Where can I find download craftbukkit 670? i only found 646...
    28. BioRage
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