Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. fierrobert
      i dont know who to report this too but i found a duplicating bug in minecraft it uses a dispencer and a pressure plate it makes so that when u fill up the dispencer with like a iron ingot like 64 then u get 64 iron ingots when u go on the plate but in the dispencer there are still 63 iron ingots so it duplicates ur items
      and Keep up the good work :)
    2. Redkiller
      Well Hello,EvilSeph
      I don't know if this question is in a wrong place,but i gonna ask.
      When you and the bukkit team finish developing the recommended version of bukkit?
      Because multicraft doesn't let us upload files more then "2 MB".
      1. HDSh0TZz
        Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile. Profile comments are to congratulate someone or for other stuff. You can ask for support here.

        Aug 7, 2012
      2. HDSh0TZz
        Thats what the forums are for, to post questions..
        Aug 7, 2012
    3. okaythen
      I can't seem to get my server working..... it says that my maximum heap size: -Xmx4G is invalid, what should i do?
      1. HDSh0TZz
        Post it in the forums not here
        Aug 7, 2012
    4. petech01
      Hey I realize that iliketrains_1122 is not labeled as staff but It would be very nice to know he is making false claims saying he is the owner of my server and I'm just wondering if he is associated with BUKKIT in anyway? Oh and GREAT job! Keep it up
    5. Zikux892
    6. hiestbreaker
      dude, you rock, keep up the great work and, well, just tell me when a 1.3.1 recommended build comes out please
    7. Limeth
      1.000 $ donated for kids plays :O great job.
    8. RetroCola
      Like craftUrToe said, It dupes And its bad as hell! AND it Dupes EVERYTHING NOT JUST FOOD
    9. CraftUrToe
      1.3 dev build dispencers DUPLICATE food. hope you see this xD
    10. Nikolaj866
      When the RC build is comming out
    11. specialgoodnesss
      I was wondering when 1.3 will be up for servers we just turned on the server yesterday and we had alotof people joing now its not working so i was just wondering, alright thanks :)
    12. PxlPanda
      Dropped you an invitation to the Spleef World Cup final in your inbox. :)
    13. naeemessop
    14. conrad812
      is bukkit 1.3.1 near completion, my players wont be quiet "update the server, is bukkit out yet, etc."
    15. Sexier_Every_Sec
      everyone do not update minecraft to 1.3.1 or your server will not work do not update minecraft!!!!!!1
      1. naeemessop
        Annoying EvilSeph, not referring to forums, instead spamming wall.
        Aug 1, 2012
    16. ToBeAnnounced
      Hey, I started a convo with you about installing the latest CraftBukkit, hope you can make time for me. :)
    17. NightWolf
      I just want to thank you for all your hard work and everything that you have done to aid the development of multiplayer for Minecraft. Once more, thank you so much for making my dream of hosting a large multiplayer server a possible dream.
    18. hiddenblade38
      Since many people post here i knew i was going to get lots of answers... So.... I just recently made a bukkit server... But it wont load my plugins... I tried reloading and re installing the plugins again and other things but it won't work... So i need the people who have bukkit who understand so they can help me....
    19. Nucious
      Cool avatar. Bukkit Owl.
    20. Cosmin Tanislav
      Cosmin Tanislav
      Evilseph i have a question for you could you enable the reply on the drakias thread about the Ichat plugin the plugin still works and is way better that other plugins! and if no pls dont ban me :(
      1. conrad812
        you can be banned from bukkit?
        Aug 1, 2012
    21. Cosmin Tanislav
      Cosmin Tanislav
      Movecraft! Thats your solution!
    22. ayman
      hey bro i see that ur realy big thing on bukkit and i'm asking for ur help i spend hourse searching for pulgins for multiplayer server "" Airplanes/boats/horses/cars "" now i'm asking you since you know the fourm more than me can you show me pleasE?
    23. PKobalt
      Is there any way you could add the old bukkit versions to dl.bukkit.org? I'm sure there are lots of people who would like to not have to go on rapidshare to get bukkit for 1.7.3.
    24. norybiak
    25. cursedkid
      Rule 5 of the forums states "5. No selling of products or services, unless approved by a member of the administration." So i want to let the community know i can make banners for almost everything, for fairly cheap. Can I get approval to post selling banners and graphics for servers and sites.
      1. TnT
        Jun 21, 2012
    26. CoKoC
      Thanks, for everything. I highly appreciate Bukkit. This is for you and the team behind.
    27. maxwell321
      EvilSeph, you know that minecraft 12w19a needs a server.jar to list its commands, i was thinking that you should make a craftbukkit that is for 12w19a so that you can get singleplayer plugins and play bukkit on singleplayer, or you could make a singleplayer craftbukkit that you can have plugins in singleplayer, ~max
      1. TnT
        Bukkit cannot keep on top of the moving target that are snapshots, and instead chooses to focus the efforts on released code. It is a great deal of effort to port over to a new Minecraft Version, and having to do so each week would remove our ability to work on the existing codebase to improve matters.
        Jun 21, 2012
    28. Ted528
      Hey congratulations on the new version with making the new craftbukkit i just wish i knew how to update it on my mac but thats not your problem i just hope some makes a youtube video on that or something soon cause it looks so good
    29. poseidontheninja
      Man. The stuff people post on this profile...
      1. Icyene, sayaad and afistofirony like this.
    30. grid21
      Hey evilseph! I just need to know where to post a help question about crafbukkit running out of memory. Reply if you can! Thanks and have a Rock Awesome day
      1. DeShaw
        Bukkit Help Forum
        Jun 15, 2012
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