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There are any number of licenses you can pick for a plugin. GPL amongst others allows other people to copy and redistribute your code under certain conditions. Most noticeably the requirement that any fork also be GPL. Other open source licenses have other requirements.

If you pick the GPL license or any other open source license for your plugin and someone clones your plugin it is not a copyright violation as long as they follow the requirements.

As it pertains to plugins uploaded to BukkitDev or Curse, things are slightly different.

We feel the spirit of open source licenses is to allow for continuing an abandoned project, or forking and creating a new project based on the original. The purpose is not to allow anyone and everyone to create a straight 1-1 clone of actively developed plugins.

On BukkitDev we will decline to host simple clones of existing plugins, regardless of licensing legalities. If you are aware of a straight 1-1 clone of an existing plugin please...
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Hi Everyone, my name is Kaelten.

Not many of you know me. I've been an admin on the Forum for several years, but until recently I've been inactive. I am also a Curse staff member, and the project lead over CurseForge.

Everyone knows there's been a lot of changes and shakeups in the community over the last several weeks. These together have left a feeling of unease with many users.

Let me start by saying that Bukkit.org and Bukkit Dev will stay online for the foreseeable future.

The future of CraftBukkit distribution lies squarely (or with Minecraft is it blockly?) with Wolvereness and Mojang. As things stand right now CraftBukkit will not be available from dl.bukkit.org.

Staffing Changes

With all the changes most of the staff for Bukkit.org have stepped down. Many of the former staff posted farewells. To archive these in perpetuity we've created a forum dedicated to staff member farewells and...
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Over the last two weeks, the Bukkit community has experienced some of the most substantial changes to the project since its inception. Multiple members of the staff, for various reasons, have chosen to resign. These staff are listed below, with links to their goodbye posts. Users on multiple teams are placed into just one by preference.

The Bukkit Administrators
EvilSeph - Honorable mention: Removed without chance to say goodbye
TnT [tnt]

The Bukkit Team

The Bukkit Pull-Request Handlers/Bleeding...
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We think it’s about time we said something about the Bukkit Project and our connection with it. Hopefully this will help to clear up some misunderstandings, reassure some of you and answer some of the questions (or claims) that have been raised – especially by Wesley (Wolvereness).

We would have loved to have done this sooner but we’ve been insanely busy… what with the 1.8 Update, Next Gen versions and all… and contrary to what a lot of people think we’re still a small team.

First, regarding Wesley, it’s sad and disappointing that he’s acted the way he has. No one here likes having to respond to these things in public – but what choice do we have? If we don’t then speculation grows, and quickly the truth is far from what people are talking about, and many only hear rumors and take them as facts. So, here...