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by Jadedcat at 10:01 AM
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The rules have been tweaked slightly. No major changes, mostly clarifications of what the team is enforcing, why and how.

Mostly this is just a condensing of the rules. Instead of 12 rule categories it has been narrowed down to 8.

We have also explained how the warning system works, and why certain things are and are not allowed.

This thread is locked because these rules are not up for debate. The only "major" change is we have clarified that mediafire and adfly are not allowed and why they are not. There is 1 new rule regarding drama/politics. The rest is just new clarifications/explanations and condensing.

Updated answers from private messages:

1. Yes Zeldo missed the word "major" in his post. No re-wording/compacting and clarifying is not "major" changes.
2. The Skype/off thread communication rule was there previously, it was just buried. We clarified it.
3. None of the rules have been removed,. Just rearranged to be more...
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The CurseForge Team gets a lot of satisfaction from improving our service to mod developers and players. Over the course of the last few months the team has been revamped and schedules shifted to ensure someone on the team is available 24/7. While the team plans to continue to keep this schedule in place, we are fast approaching the holiday season. Here in the states it starts Thurs, Nov 27th with the roasting of a turkey, overeating and spending time with family (whether we want to or not). On the 27th, approval times for files will be partially determined by how annoying our family members are. The faster they are approved, the more likely we are hiding from crazy Aunt Edith or our mother's "When do I get grandchildren" line of questioning. Should our family time be nice, files may take longer than the average to process and approve. On the following day Nov 28th file process times may also be delayed depending how long the food comas last. Dec 2-6...
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Several forums, Tools and Resources have had thread prefixes added. This will allow for easier sorting by type. And add a touch of color to the forums. You can edit your threads to start using them anytime you want.

If you find a prefix that appears missing, add it to the thread in Forum feedback for review.
by ZeldoKavira at 6:41 AM
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Today we would like to welcome a new moderator to the team, TimTower. Over the past few months since we have taken over Tim has shown himself to have an excellent understanding of the rules. We know that Tim will be an great addition to the team and are glad to welcome him to the team today!

Now we know there have been a lot of people that want to try and tackle the moderation role, and we have not been ignoring your requests. When we get these requests we simply sit back and watch the user and how they handle themselves on the forums. We may be adding more users in the near future to the team so if you see any other green people walking around the forums they are either aliens or moderators we are testing out! Aliens don't bite that much, right?