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The recent Minecraft update marks the 3rd major update since we launched the Bukkit Project. While the first one had us off to a rocky start since we weren't prepared, this one took us a record 4 hours to update with little to no bugs being reported after we had made the build available for public testing. While I'm sure most of you are already aware that we've had a Minecraft 1.4 compatible build available for 2 days now (in fact, we had one 4 hours after the update was released!) we're making a formal announcement for those of you living under a rock.

As with any update please bear in mind that plugins may not be updated yet and that you should give Plugin Developers a few days to get their plugins working before you update. We strongly suggest you run a test server before you go live with this build to make sure all your plugins are up to date and working (see this post...
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Due to popular demand, we've decided to enable likes and thread title editing for everyone, everywhere.

While we want to avoid likes turning into a bragging right of sorts, we feel it's a good way for people to show their appreciation for a contribution someone has made to the community without being too disruptive.

By allowing anyone to edit the titles of threads they've created anywhere, we've opened up the possibility to helpfully update your thread titles with a [Solved] tag or similar to indicate a problem as being solved or provide other helpful information. We hope that everyone will use this liberally as it is a helpful indicator for those within the community that like to spend their time helping others out.

It goes without saying, I'm sure, but if things get out of hand, we'll simply turn them off and go back to how we did things before.

To edit your thread's title you need to use the "Edit Thread" function under the "Thread Tools" menu at the top left of your thread....
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First off, relax.

If you're using the new Minecraft launcher, you have a choice on whether or not you want to update to the latest Minecraft release - simply choose "Not now" when it asks if you want to update and you can continue to play on your pre-update Minecraft server.

If you're not using the new Minecraft launcher, backup your old launcher and update it by downloading it from http://minecraft.net, then follow the steps above.

It usually takes us a few hours AT LEAST to get Bukkit working with the latest Minecraft update, so you're better off playing a different game or staying on the previous version of Minecraft, instead. If you have a special server that requires lots of mods, like a class-based server, consider backing up your world, running the new Minecraft update and calling it a grief/fun/fool-around period OR stay on your current version and just keep playing.

Just remember, always backup so you can switch between versions. You're no...
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We'll be having some scheduled maintenance tonight in a few hours. The forums will be locked down and moved to a new server. We'll provide you with the IP you can add to your hosts file to switch over to the new server immediately.

See you on the new server.

EDIT: Postponed until tomorrow. The downtime should be very short and mostly depend on how long it takes for you to see the new server.

Server maintenance COMPLETED with little to no issues. Thanks for your patience and cooperation!